Saturday, 22 April 2017

Planning a Big Fat Goan Wedding

The size of the wedding has an impact on everything that needs to be planned for the occasion. Budgets are always important when it comes to planning, so have a ballpark figure of how much you want to spend before you begin. Goan weddings on an average have a guest list of 400-600 and can amount to large bills. 

The bigger the guest list, the bigger the budget. The bigger the budget, the bigger your scalability. Although the idea of a large guest list has its own advantages and disadvantages, you cannot discount the fact that the crowd, whether big or small are there to see you celebrate the biggest step of your life.  Wedding Planners such as WWE Events based in Goa can easily cater to manage a guest list of even upto 100 people, a business you must check out if you are planning for a large guest size.

Here are a few key things you may need to know.

Advantages of a larger than life wedding

  • The best part of a big Goan celebration is that you get to see everyone together on your big day, which does not happen very often with friends and family spread far and wide. A marriage celebration is a happy occasion and there is nothing better than celebrating it with friends and family that you have known for years.
  • There are plenty of outdoor venues in Goa with several spaces you can utilize when looking at a larger guest list. You can still have the banquet area indoors and even have enough space for an after party.
  • Since you have a large crowd you can choose a wide variety of food and also have mini-stations serving specialty dishes and even small mini-bars across the venue.
  • Have a large indulgent spread for dessert which your guests will certainly enjoy.
  • If you are reserving rooms for your out of town guests, you can negotiate with the hotel to give you the honeymoon suite at a lower cost.
  • A large wedding also means that you will be throwing an amazing party with plenty of folks hitting the dance floor to rock the night away.
  • You get to widen the choice of deco at the ceremony as well as reception venues as you will not be limited to a small cramped venue. This would mean that you could have a beautiful looking venue in the perfect setting.


  • Increasing the number of guests quickly multiplies the cost of the wedding. Remember to keep some money in the budget for additional expenses which will also increase the overall cost.
  • Finding the right venue that not only has the infrastructure to support large crowds but also the staff to manage them might prove a bit difficult.
  • Spending quality time with your guest will be limited as you will have to split your time meeting everyone in a short period.
  • Crowded tables could lead to discomforts of guests and the serving staff.
  • Larger crowds would mean special requests by your guests such as transportation to and from the venue, special dietary items and also having children at the reception and ceremony venues.
  • Guests traveling to your city for the occasion will require to make accommodation provisions hence might lower the value of your gift cheque due to financial reasons.
  • You would need to work harder to prepare for a larger guest list as you may require additional vendors to support such a large crowd.
  • Larger guest lists limit customization due to the time and work associated with it.

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